SOHA Conference

March 31-April 3, 2011 in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, CA

Friday Opening Program

Location for Friday Opening Reception and Program:
Centenary United Methodist Church
300 So. Central Avenue, Little Tokyo
Los Angeles, 90013

Friday, April 1, 2011
Reception: 5:30-6:00 pm
Film Screening: 6:15 – 8:00 pm
This event is open to the public.
Public RSVP Line: (818) 275-4330.
(RSVP not necessary for registered conference attendees)

Who Killed Vincent Chin?

Who Killed Vincent Chin

Who Killed Vincent Chin?

Renee Tajima-Pena, UC Santa Cruz professor and graduate director of the Social Documentation Program, is an Academy Award nominated documentary filmmaker whose work addresses Asian American and immigrant/diaspora themes.

This film recounts the murder of an automotive engineer mistaken as Japanese, who was slain by an assembly line worker blaming him for the competition by the Japanese auto makers that were threatening his job. It then recounts how that murderer escaped justice in the court system.

“With brilliant intercutting back and forth between all the parties at interest… this film burns through the mind long after it has left the screen.”
–Jerry Tallmer
New York Post

Also showing: two short-short films

The MIS: Bridge To A New Japan.
Randy Fujimoto presents an 11-minute machinima (animated movie) about the Military Intelligence Service’s role in the occupation of Japan in the aftermath of World War II. The mashup of oral history, historical footage, and video game animation highlights the language and cultural skills of the Japanese Americans involved and is used in lesson plans and education programs by Go For Broke National Education Center.

Hogoz (pronounced “hoe-goes”).
(shown during the reception)
John Powers, creator of Works in Progress in Torrance,  presents scenes from a serial internet dramatization about the ups and downs of teenagers behind the barbed wire of a fictionalized World War II-era concentration camp for Japanese Americans and others who have been labeled as troublemakers.

Presenters will be available to discuss their work at the end.

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